What We Offer

One to One Training Sessions

One to One Training is the best way to address your body’s specific needs and/or your fitness goals. The instructor’s attention is 100% focused on YOU,  which allows us to address faulty movement patterns, work around injury or impingement, and see progress more quickly. One to One Training sessions allow for the flexibility of blending your Pilates regime with Booty Barre®, Ugi Ball®weights, and aerial for a fully customized, challenging & exciting workout.

Trial Session and Consultation
Not sure what Pilates is exactly or if Pilates is right for you? No worries, Reform Pilates and Fitness offers a Trial session and consultation session at a reduced price. You and your instructor will sit down and discuss your goals, limitations, and aspirations followed by a Pilates workout. Call the studio to set up your session to see how Pilates will fit into your routine.
New Clients Start with Private Training
Private training is the best way to get started in your Pilates practice. Pilates is precise in movement and muscle activation, and everyone’s body is different. 1:1 sessions are a chance to dive in and discover your areas of strength and areas of opportunity, to learn the Pilates language, and get to know our equipment. All new clients to Reform Pilates and Fitness are asked to start with a minimum of 2 Private training sessions. We have different options to choose from to get started.

Time Share Classes

Time Share Classes are limited to 3 participants. Time-Share Instruction is an in between option of One-to-One Instruction, where all of the instructors attention is solely yours, and Group Classes, where the instructors attention is split amongst five to ten students.

This a great option if you have injuries, limitations, or just want personal instruction but would like a lower price option than the One-to-One Instruction offers. Your session will be shared with up to two other students which offers personal attention and tailored instruction.

Group Classes

Group Classes include up to 10 participants and include Pilates and cardio classes. We like to keep our classes small to allow your instructor to watch your form and provide feedback on proper exercise execution for ultimate results while reducing the risk of injury. Adding Barre and/or Ugi Ball® into your Pilates practice allows you to take the Pilates Principles and apply them to your fitness practice while getting your heart pumping for ultimate calorie burn and muscle toning.


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